Impact of Development of Modern Technology for Humans

The rapid development of technology has resulted in the emergence of unimaginable new technologies. The emergence of smartphones which are now a basic necessity for some people until the emergence of new innovations such as electric cars shows that the development of human technology will always run and increase rapidly over time.

On April 20, 2017, a German company named Lilium Aviation managed to take off a flying car called Lilium Jet. Although the car is not perfect and still has many shortcomings, with the advent of new innovations, it is pointed out that technological developments in the world are unlimited and can affect human life now and in the future. The beginning of an idea will develop in the course of time to become more perfect and over time will be integrated into human life.

With the existence of technology in human life, positive and negative impacts will arise in daily life or long term. With the existence of technology, everyday human life will be easier and more efficient. For example, communication will be easier with the existence of social media applications that allow remote communication without spending a lot of credit. Technology also functions as a comforter used to refresh the mind.

New tools that emerge like virtual reality are devices that are used to play a game by making ourselves feel in the game with sophisticated technologies and the effects provided by these devices.

The ability given by modern technology to get and disseminate information very quickly, find a variety of past friends on Facebook, the ability to socialize from the hands of a hand, of course, very encouraging humans to have it in everyday life. The desire to always have the latest smartphone with additional attractive features and to have the latest technology that provides convenience for our lives certainly also affects our lives both socially and economically. An American company called Amazon has used robots as laborers that will save company expenses to pay for labor and also increase the efficiency and profitability of the company.

There are also negative effects of technological developments such as, lack of job vacancies due to machine-based or robotic labor, play addiction, excessive use of smartphones, piracy of online sites to various state-owned data that can be carried out by professional hackers, burglary on various social media sites and information leakage, as well as the creation of technology that can surpass humans.

Technology has a variety of positive and negative impacts that can give advantages or disadvantages to our lives. We as users of modern technology must be able to use it properly and correctly without causing harm that affects our lives or others. Use technology to help others and avoid negative things. Let us let go of the habit of playing smartphones and start watching the world in beautiful nature.

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