Growing the Spirit of Learning in Children

Humans are a true learner where he will always study the environment continuously both directly as information or as a provision for him to adapt. And this learning starts from a simple thing when a child is small like when he learns to feel objects, walk or talk. However, most parents still do not understand that how we respond to this small time learning process is very meaningful for later learning. In general, the learning process is still frequent when children receive unfavorable response. Both when they are learning to feel with their mouths, when they learn to walk, or we learn to talk who do not understand they understand the meaning of these words.

When you start talking and ask lots of questions, the answers you get are not satisfying and even tend to hurt the desire to know the child. maybe this is because the factor of fatigue when parenting or tired gives a repetitive explanation. Usually children when they see new things at home and children tend to want to know more closely and hold it, but the response of the adults around him instead distracts the item for fear of damage or injury to the child. From the explanation above, have anyone understood that children are lazy to learn?

An education expert, Timothy Wibowo, provides some tips so that children can be diligent and easy to learn at school. The following tips:

1. When the child comes home from school, ask what are the fun things that day. Automatically children will look for fun things in school and indirectly form a child's mindset that school is a pleasant place.

2. When children sleep, positive suggestions are suggested by saying that learning is fun. Learning is just as fun as playing or counting and memorizing is very easy. This is one of the positive forms of hypnosleep in children.

3. Explain the lesson material being worked on. Adjust the explanation with children's material, for example by learning multiplication, the child can count the number of his toy collection or calculate the price of the action figure in a supermarket and compare it to the prices in other malls. Or if you are proficient in Japanese then watching anime does not need to use subtitles and can read the original comics that are directly in Japanese.

4. Ask the tutor to often say that our child is a great and extraordinary child. Sincere praise and encouraging children's enthusiasm for learning are more important than being taught various techniques of counting and memorizing fast. Ask for help from surrounding people, including teachers to increase the confidence of cyanak.

5. If the child is still small and still likes to be read a fairy tale, please put the child in the arms when reading a fairy tale. Position the child in a comfortable position and make it easier for us to give kisses and hugs of affection. The goal is that children can connect the pleasant sensation between reading a book with love from parents.

6. Make a secret letter for children and then we can say that only we and the child know about the letter and its contents. The contents of the letter can be words of encouragement for children in teaching and learning activities, school or other things that can arouse children's enthusiasm.

From the 6 stages to give the spirit of learning to puppies the point is the collaboration of various parties in injecting self-confidence to children within reasonable limits. Because the point above if done excessively will actually be found that is not good for the child. See the development of learning so that it can be adjusted. If the spirit of cyanak learning begins to emerge then 50% have succeeded.

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